The music festival has been organised by a committee of local villagers, all giving their time and effort freely, since 2004 on a bi-annual basis. It really is a community affair, pulling together support from the local Parish, District and County Councils along with the local business community and village residents.

We provide a showcase for performers using various venues within the village to cater for lovers of jazz, folk, rock, contemporary, classical, and anything else we can find.

Admission to all the events, about a dozen on average, is free of charge, as is the community event which on the Sunday afternoon when several individuals, bands or groups perform to a large village audience.

The only performance with an admission price is the Saturday evening event when we arrange top professional performers, usually household names, to entertain us. It is the proceeds from this event that enable us to provide everything else free of charge.

We aim to provide a quality and variety of music which otherwise we would not be able attract to our village, so support for the Saturday evening event is vital for  us to be able to continue on this basis.

We feel this is a unique approach and we have gained a reputation among performers and audiences alike for providing a friendly festival with everyone enjoying a real ‘feel-good’ event.

As we are a voluntary community group, all the members having other professions and interests, it is not possible (yet) for us to arrange a festival every year, but you never know !!