There were so many highlights from Brewood Music Festival 2016 that it’s really difficult to single just one out. However, there were a couple of bands that really caught the imagination that year. People have continually talked about them and we might just have one of them coming back to end the 2018 festival with an almighty bang.

Sunday headliners

Traditionally, choosing the headliners for the Sunday event has always been a difficult one. It needs to be an act capable of providing a fitting close to everything that has gone before, ending proceedings on high, a last hurrah to another amazing Brewood Music Festival.

This time the choice was dead easy. Whilst we like to try and introduce new acts to each festival there’s often the odd one or two that we just have to ask back. To that end, and to the undoubted delight of anyone who saw them in 2016, we’re proud to announce that our Sunday headliners for 2018 will be none other than The Lagan!

Same delight, different night

Anyone who saw the opening set for our main event last time around couldn’t fail but be impressed with The Lagan. In fact, it’s fair to say that many had them down as the best band of the whole weekend last time. So, it was a no brainer to ask them to do it all again and thankfully they were more than delighted to make a long awaited and definitely overdue Brewood return.

George from the band said, “It’s really a pleasure to return, everyone from the organisers to the crowd were great to us last time. We had a real blast and can’t wait to come back.”

Get ready to have your socks rocked off

This is definitely not to be missed. The Lagan describe themselves as Irish Folk, Punk, Rock, Ska or whatever you like. They combine folk instrumentation with contemporary punk rock, also drawing influences from the traditional folk music of Ireland and the rest of the world. An amazing time is most certainly guaranteed.